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Travel Nurse Circles Celebrates the Launch of New Website with $1,000 Giveaway

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Travel Nurse Circles Celebrates the Launch of New Website with $1,000 Giveaway

Travel Nurse Circles $1,000 sweepstakes giveaway

Travel Nurse Circles, a growing online travel nurse community, is eager to announce their $1,000 sweepstakes giveaway as part of their official website launch.

The sweepstakes is available to any nurse with current licensure in the United States and offers them the opportunity to win one of three prizes: 1st prize of $1,000, 2nd prize of $500, and 3rd prize of $250.

To be eligible for the sweepstakes, each licensed nurse must register on the Travel Nurse Circle website and complete a simple form before the deadline on December 10th, 2015. On that date, a random drawing will be held and the winners will subsequently be notified by phone and email. One additional entry is available for each licensed nurse who refers a qualified nurse to register with Travel Nurse Circles and enter the sweepstakes.

Once registered with Travel Nurse Circles, licensed nurses will have access to an array of resources, information, and tools to simplify the travel nurse job search. Licensed nurses can search for travel nurse jobs, upload documents for easy access, read about travel nursing news and tips, and analyze the compensation package for each offer they receive.

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About Travel Nurse Circles 
Travel Nurse Circles is an online community for travel nurses where licensed nurses can find best of breed resources, information, and job search tools. Whether searching for a new travel nurse position or trying to stay current with the latest information, Travel Nurse Circles is the place to turn when trying to stay competitive in the nursing market.