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Is It Really That Important to Keep Your Travel Nurse Documents Super Organized?

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Is It Really That Important to Keep Your Travel Nurse Documents Super Organized?

For travel nurses, it’s so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of obligations. Individual patient care, charting, and med administration take up your thoughts during your shifts and further certification, personal obligations, and those limited minutes of free time take up the rest of your focus. Where does all the time go?

With so much spinning around, it’s easy for your next travel nursing assignment to get blown off course if your nursing documents aren’t ready and in order. Here are the key reasons why your travel nurse documents need to be in place. 

1.) Faster Response Times

Is a prominent hospital calling your name? Do you crave the chance to work in a state where the weather is perfect and the sights are postcard worthy? Most other travel nurses feel the same way.

All of the best travel nursing positions are going to be under the watch of a thousand pairs of eyes all eager to gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Success against those odds relies on speed. What’s one way to speed up the process? Knowing where all relevant documents (licenses, certifications, immunization/vaccination credentials, etc.), so when you hand them off with your travel nurse resume to your recruiter, everything clicks into place.

2.) Easier to Work in Desired States

Before starting an assignment in any state, you need to be positive you’re eligible to work there. Unlike a library card, you can’t obtain a state specific nursing license by walking into the board of nursing’s offices and filling out a quick questionnaire.

Each state processes licensing applications in their own time. California can take 10 to 12 weeks to review the information of first-timers and 6 to 8 weeks to process renewals. Alaska can take 8 weeks for licensing approval. Other states take less time (especially for those lucky folks in the nursing license compact), but delays still create tension when you go to apply for positions.

By organizing your documents, you can keep track of the states where your licenses are still active and where you’ll need renewals. Having your documents front of mind means you won’t have to twiddle your thumbs when you’d rather be starting a new assignment.

3.) Reminder for License and Certification Renewal

When is your nursing license set to expire? Your certifications? Any mandatory immunizations and vaccinations? Unless those documents are staring you straight in the face, it can be all too easy for the date to come and go without your renewal.

Of course, when at a healthcare facility, administrators will be there to remind you (it affects them if your licensure expires) of any documents that are relevant to their facility. But if you are in between positions or prepping to work in a different state, it helps to have all of your licenses and certifications in one place so you can quickly check their status without upending the earth to find them.

Are you looking for a central place to organize all of your travel nursing documents? We at Travel Nurse Circles can provide you with a simple solution. Our document storage is free, convenient, and secure, taking worry off of the minds of travel nurses, so they can focus on what’s important. Register today to make your next job search a breeze.