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Taking Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment into Your Hands

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Taking Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment into Your Hands

Taking Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment into Your Hands

Last post, we debunked the myths that scare qualified nurses away from a travel nursing career. Most have the tinge of truth, but under the microscope, are anything but factual.

What’s another misconception that doesn’t hold water? The idea that the recruiter holds all the power when deciding your travel nurse assignment. This rumor couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why Recruiters Want You to Pick Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment

What we tend to hear from the rumor mill is that recruiters indiscriminately try to fit square pegs into round holes, placing travel nurses in vacant positions regardless of the fit. That sounds like a sleazy used car salesman, but not like any recruiter we know. The reason being? A travel nurse recruiter’s life is a heck of a lot easier if he or she makes a strong cultural fit the first time.

Think about it: when a nurse bails on a position and bolts on the first flight home, the recruiter has to pick up the pieces. That means screening another line-up of candidates again. That’s redundant work on a position that will not earn them any more money. Truthfully, it’s easier to find a nurse who is aligned with the healthcare facility’s technical needs, culture, and workload the first time.

That’s why most recruiters want travel nurses to speak up about what they want. Vocal and proactive candidates streamline the process. So, if you want control over your next travel nursing assignment, you just need to take it. And these three techniques can help you to do it.   

  1. Be Clear About the Positions You Want – Speak up and provide your travel nurse recruiter with an extensive list of potential locations and hospitals. The more working preferences that are on his or her radar, the better chance you have of ending up in a position that aligns with the role of your dreams.
  2. Have the Proper Licenses – Your active nursing licenses play a huge part in what a recruiter can do for your next travel nursing assignment. Without the proper licensure in a given state, your dream job may be out of your reach. Before you request any location, verify that you can legally work there. Check out the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) website for a list of procedures. Also, get approved for an NLC license because it alleviates the hassle of needing to get certified in 24 states.
  3. Provide Complete Documentation – The amount of relevant paperwork you provide to your recruiter actually increases the level of control you have over your next travel nurse assignment. Complete and thorough resumes, diplomas, licenses, and certifications acts as greater bargaining chips. That way, your ideal healthcare employer has everything necessary to say yes to you.

If you want to find out more ways to take control of your next travel nursing assignment, Travel Nurse Circles is the place to do it. Register with us today and we will provide you with all the resources, tools, and up-to-date information needed to keep you finding nursing positions you love.