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How to Create a Travel Nurse Application that Beats the Competition

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How to Create a Travel Nurse Application that Beats the Competition

Travel Nurse Application Every time you send off a travel nurse application, do you feel like the wallflower who got overlooked at the 8th grade dance? If you have the talent, certifications, and compassion to be a great travel nurse, then you need to step forward and say it. A strong and assertive travel nurse application is all you need to get noticed. 

Think Like a Travel Nurse Agency

Sometimes, you need to step outside yourself to get some clarity and perspective. Consider this: when writing your travel nurse application, what you want is secondary. Two groups take precedence over you – travel nurse agencies and the hospitals themselves – and your application needs to meet as much of their criteria as possible.

The typical travel nurse recruiter or healthcare HR rep is going to be inundated with travel nurse applications for dozens of positions. Though they want to learn about exceptional travel nurses, neither group has the patience or free time to dig for buried gold in your application. Quick and easy to find information is a recruiter’s dream. Every qualification should stand out like an ostrich on a chicken farm.

What data needs to be included above all else?  

Provide Good & Clear Data

Travel nurse applications don’t need to be cluttered documents. Complete data is what differentiates you from other travel nurses. What do recruiters want to see?

  • Your time spent as a nurse.
  • Your nursing specialty and your related years of experience.
  • Any of your travel nursing experience
  • Your active licensure in specific states
  • Your full work history
  • Your education
  • Your certifications

None of this should be buried in text. All that pertinent information should be in plain sight and easy to parse by both an ATS and an actual person.

Additionally, keywords that pertain to the specific travel nursing discipline need to be spread throughout. NICU nurse resumes need to talk about patient assessments on preterm and newborn infants and the NRP certification. Perioperative nurse resumes need to talk about pre-op and post-op care and surgical assistance.

Use the right lingo for your discipline (especially what’s listed in the agency’s advertisement) and you’ll get a higher rating and faster response. And if you are applying to several positions with the same travel nurse agency or healthcare facility, make sure the bulk of the information you’ve include is similar.

When you’re considering what’s wanted on a travel nurse application, don’t forget to avoid the resume mistakes that will get your application rejected.  It’ll save you from headaches in the long run.

Once you’ve got your travel nurse application on the right path, you want to make sure you partner with an agency that will quickly get you on the right path. Submit your travel nurse application to Travel Nurse Circles today and we can connect you to your next gig.