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Travel Nursing CareerBefore anyone decides to embark on a travel nursing career, we always recommend they first give it some thought. Yes, it’s emotionally and financially rewarding work and you get a chance to see breathtaking...Read more

Why the Coming Nursing Surplus Matters to YouWho would have ever thought we’d see the day when there was a nursing surplus? A surplus! After years of shortage, the HRSA predicts that when 2025 rolls around, the healthcare...Read more

How to Get the Best Benefits with Your Travel Nurse SalaryTravel nursing is like running in the New York City marathon – there are thousands of competitors racing for the top spots. Since travel nurses are...Read more

How to Negotiate the Best Travel Nurse BenefitsFor most industries, salary is not set in stone. You can negotiate the base pay and benefits if you know how to make a convincing argument. Travel nurses have...Read more

10 Breathtaking Cities Where Traveling Nurses Make the MostTravel nursing is a one-of-a-kind adventure. New places and experiences make an already rewarding career even more memorable. And the money? It’s definitely good, but some cities far...Read more

5 Nursing Specialties to Increase Your SalaryNursing is undeniably rewarding. It’s one of those rare careers that offers both an emotional and financial payoff. You get it (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this), but what...Read more