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First Time Travel Nurse Tips: 10 Ways to Downsize Your LifeThe nomadic life of your average travel nurse comes with a big decision: do you haul your whole life across country or pick up what you need upon...Read more

Travel Nurse Circles $1,000 sweepstakes giveaway

Travel Nurse Circles, a growing online travel nurse community, is eager to announce their $1,000 sweepstakes giveaway as part of their official website launch.

The sweepstakes is available to any nurse with current licensure...Read more

Taking Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment into Your Hands

Last post, we debunked the myths that scare qualified nurses away from a travel nursing career. Most have the tinge of truth, but under the microscope, are anything...Read more

The Myths That Give Travel Nurse Jobs a Bad RepWe’ve all heard our share of myths and old wives’ tales passed off as truth over the years. Many are flimsy and most fall apart like wet paper under...Read more

Travel Nursing ResumeWhen you submit a resume to a travel nurse agency, their recruiters should never feel like they are trying to search for Carmen Sandiego. Every bit of information should be visible, concise, and fully convincing.

For those...Read more

6 Signs Your Travel Nurse Recruiter Is Worth KeepingRecruiters in the travel nursing world are often a mixed bag. When working with the bad ones, it sometimes feels like you’re about to get stranded on a deserted island....Read more