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Have you thought about becoming a travel nurse, but are holding back because you don’t know anyone who has done it? Travel Nurse Circles is looking to solve that problem. This is the first of an ongoing series...Read more

Travel Nurse Job Search

Who has time for a long, drawn out job search? No one we know. Travel nurses are busy enough as is without adding a boring application process. So, why infringe on your free time because of an...Read more

Travel Nurse Circles Highlights from Traveler's Conference 2015

Travel nurses have no time to waste. With patient care, new cities to explore, and future jobs to find, extra time can be scarce. However, a travel nurse who makes time...Read more

Why Bad EHR Software Offers an Opportunity to Clever Travel Nurses

Electronic health record (EHR) software is an essential tool of the nursing trade, getting as much daily use as a stethoscope, saline flushes, or industrial-strength sanitizer. Unlike the...Read more

Why Growing Demand for Nurse Practitioners Matters for Travel NursingWhen too few doctors enter the medical field, can nurse practitioners be a sufficient substitute for licensed physicians? People nationwide couldn’t be more torn on the topic.

As more healthcare...Read more

8 Tips to Make Your Travel Nurse Road Trip UnforgettableTravel nurses have the freedom to start each job in a way that most other professions only dream about: with a road trip! Air or train travel aren’t out...Read more