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So, you’ve decided to take a road trip to get to your next travel nursing gig. To make the most of your travel nursing salary, you...Read more

For travel nurses, it’s so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of obligations. Individual patient care, charting, and med administration take up your thoughts during your shifts and further certification, personal obligations, and those limited minutes of free...Read more

What’s it like for a first time travel nurse? That’s exactly what we’ve set out to find with our reoccurring feature Adventures in Travel Nursing. This time, we sat...Read more

Travel Nurse Application Every time you send off a travel nurse application, do you feel like the wallflower who got overlooked at the 8th grade dance? If you have the talent, certifications, and compassion to be a great travel nurse,...Read more

Let’s be honest: nurses have their limits. Though many can provide superhuman levels of care, that doesn’t mean nurses can endlessly juggle patients without a loss in quality. In fact, high nurse to patient ratios negatively impact the...Read more

Life doesn’t always shower us with sunshine and roses. As a travel nurse living miles away from home, a bad travel nursing assignment can be a horror movie in the making. Gruesome bosses. Upsetting charting systems. Hostile housing....Read more