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6 Signs Your Travel Nurse Recruiter Is Worth Keeping

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6 Signs Your Travel Nurse Recruiter Is Worth Keeping

6 Signs Your Travel Nurse Recruiter Is Worth KeepingRecruiters in the travel nursing world are often a mixed bag. When working with the bad ones, it sometimes feels like you’re about to get stranded on a deserted island. But the good ones are in a league all their own, delivering once-in-a-lifetime nursing experiences to you on a silver platter. We all want to work with more travel nurse recruiters like that. Here’s how you know that you’ve hit the jackpot.

1. They Makes Themselves Available

“Call or email me at any time, day or night.” Sound too good to be true? Not if you’re dealing with the right travel nurse recruiter. From the start, you’re provided with a professional phone line and email address that he or she religiously checks. In some cases, you’ll even get a personal number, but that’s not a requirement, just the cherry on your sundae. No message or call ever goes unanswered for long and your concerns or questions are always addressed.

2. They Give You Quick and Honest Feedback

Your application materials (resume, cover letter, college transcripts, RN licenses, and certifications) paint a picture of you as a professional nurse. Whether or not you land a position in the city or state of your dreams depends on the strength of your message. A great travel recruiter will tell you when your application falls short. That way, you can make quick additions or revisions to your documents to help you earn nursing jobs worthy of your skills. 

3. They Ask About Your Salary Expectations

When you interact with the right recruiter, you never feel pressured. Your happiness won’t be sacrificed to fill a recruiter’s quota. How do you know that? You’ve been asked your pay expectations and the offers you get never go lower than market value. However, the best travel nurse recruiters will let you know when your desired compensation doesn’t match the regional market. That way, you never lose out on good nursing jobs due to misconceptions.

4. They Treat You Like More Than a Number

When you talk, you feel heard. Your comments and concerns don’t seem like they’re being sucked up into a blackhole, conceivably lost forever. Your recruiter comes back with quick responses, asks follow up questions about your needs, and remembers all the little details you’ve mentioned. He or she even ask remembers what you’ve said about your weekend or vacation plans! It’s clear that you’re more than a number and that’s important in any nurse/recruiter relationship.

5. They Offer Travel Tips

Exploring a new place can be exhilarating, but it’s nice to have a few pointers beforehand. Though not 100% critical, truly singular travel nurse recruiters will be your unofficial tour guide. Before you leave, he or she will give you a few pointers on where to go, what to see, and where to grab food and drink. It’ll be a mixture of location resources and travel tips that’ll be based on his or her research, any first-hand experience, and feedback from other travel nurses. By following up, your recruiter get the goods on every city her or she places travel nurses.

6. They Stay In Touch After Your Nursing Contract Starts

Your contract began and your recruiter isn’t a distant memory? That’s the mark of a truly great recruiter. This type of person checks in to see how you’ve adjusted to your new healthcare facility and your new city. He or she makes sure that all of your nursing benefits have taken effect and if your housing is copacetic. And if not, barely any time passes before the issue is remedied. All throughout the process, you’re constantly reminded that you’re in good hands.
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