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16 Things Every Travel Nurse Resume Needs to Succeed

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16 Things Every Travel Nurse Resume Needs to Succeed

Travel Nursing ResumeWhen you submit a resume to a travel nurse agency, their recruiters should never feel like they are trying to search for Carmen Sandiego. Every bit of information should be visible, concise, and fully convincing.

For those who love check lists (we know we do), here are 16 things to check off your list before ever sending out a travel nurse resume.

Contact Information

No need to be an enigma. Though your contact information isn’t a selling point for your travel nurse skills, it conveys that you’re a stable, desirable candidate. The following information may seem like a no brainer, but straying from the path can get you quickly disqualified. 

  • Full Legal Name – No nicknames or assumed names. You want your work history and information to be a breeze to look up.
  • Permanent Address – Though you might be on another travel nurse assignment, you always want to include a permanent address. And if it also functions as your tax home, including it can help you to get tax free stipends for housing, travel reimbursements, and even meals.
  • Email & Phone Number – What’s the big deal here? You include this info on every type of resume. Well, it’s especially important for a travel nurse resume because travel nurse positions can close fast. You want the email and phone number included to be ones that you religiously check. Otherwise, new openings might go to someone who responds a fraction faster.

Nursing Highlights

When you boil your travel nurse resume down to its simplest form, these are some of the strongest points to hit home. They give an overview of your career that recruiters can use to more easily match you up with relevant positions.

  • Years of RN Experience – It’s one of those elements that helps travel nurse agencies narrow down opportunities quickly. So if the job you were originally applying for filled up, you can quickly move on to another position.
  • Years of Specialty Experience – Sure, a travel nurse agency can piece together how long you’ve used your nursing specialty in practice. All the clues are spread throughout your work history. But why make them piece it all together? Those who include the years they’ve spent in a nursing specialty give travel nurse agencies a clear reason to talk to them.
  • Years of Travel Nurse Experience – This can be a big contributor. Though travel nurse agencies are willing to work with travel nurses who are still a little green, they’re also attracted to travel nurses who know the ins and outs of nomadic nurse lifestyle. So, if you’ve been part of the industry for a while, include it in your travel nurse resume. 
  • Active Licensure – Your travel nurse license numbers are a matter of public record. Anyone who tells you not to include them is doing you a disservice. Openly disclosing your travel nurse license numbers, whether they’re for individual states or for the 25 states under the NLC, makes life easier for travel nurse recruiters, and in turn easier for you.

Work History

  • Facility Name – Like other resumes, your work history should be in reverse chronological order. That means, your most recent healthcare employer comes first. For travel nurses who have repeated work at locations, you can list the healthcare facility twice. It’s especially important to do so if there is a difference between your type of role, your seniority level, or your supervisor. 
  • Supervisor Info – Including this information helps to get the referral process started. That way, there isn’t a long wait as recruiters ask for more information.
  • Type of Assignment – The types of assignments you include need to tie in with the type of positions you are applying for. So even if you’ve done work in other disciplines, your travel nurse resume should be customized for the role you’re looking to land.
  • Charting System Experience – One way to make yourself stand out is by showing your charting system experience. If you know the healthcare facility’s system of choice, you want to make sure it’s clear you can quickly acclimate to what they have in place.
  • Start and End Dates – Your narrative needs to be completely clear. You want all of your information to flow and none of the timelines to be hazy. Sometimes, gaps between travel nurse roles can give the impression of an employment gap, but if you list the travel nurse agencies you were working for at the time, it neutralizes most questions.
  • Previous Travel Nurse Agencies – This applies for anyone who has worked as a travel nurse before. It conveys a few different ideas. One, it confirms that you are experienced with the demands of travel nursing. Two, the fact that several travel nurse agencies trust you shows that you are reliable and that you won’t abandon your post for anything shy of an unforeseeable family emergency. It basically gives you street cred.


  • School Name & Location – In practice, a university’s or college’s name is usually enough for travel nurse recruiters to look up its accreditation. Yet a school (and your education by proxy) seem more tangible if you include a location and that helps agencies to envision the person behind your travel nurse resume in an actual job.
  • Graduation Date & Degree – Clearly providing this information helps travel nurse recruiters quickly research this basic qualification so they can check you off the list.


  • Certificates/Licenses and Their Expirations – Expiration dates are critically important for your certificates and licenses. If recruiters know that your certificates or nursing license will expire during the contract, it gives them fair warning to negotiate certificate or nursing license reimbursement into your agreement.

Though other information will need to be included depending on the type of position and your specialty, these are the major points that every travel nursing agency is going to want.

Once you’ve checked all of these travel nurses resume requirements off your list, feel free to submit it to Travel Nurse Circles. Register today and we can help you find great positions that fit your nursing skills in cities where you want to work.